Problems with portmap in RedHat 4.1 Linux, /etc/hosts.allow misinterpreted

Problems with portmap in RedHat 4.1 Linux, /etc/hosts.allow misinterpreted

Post by Peter Marda » Tue, 04 Mar 1997 04:00:00

To whom it may concern,

  The version of portmap which comes with RedHat 4.1 is buggy, in that
it reads /etc/hosts.allow incorrectly.

  The tcp-wrappers reads /etc/hosts.allow properly, but in order for
portmap to work properly, the allowed hosts MUST listed by *IP* address,
not hostname.

  It looks like it's portmap version 4.0-3.  The kernel being used is

  If this isn't the proper place to make the bug report, please
forward it...




1. rpc.portmap checks /etc/hosts.allow?

The portmapper on Linux does indeed check /etc/hosts.allow and deny.
It (on most versions of Linux I've seen) is Wietse Venema's secure
portmapper which uses his tcp_wrapper package, just like all your
inetd services do. You can get all the source from in

I built the latest one, and put a line starting "portmap:" on the end
of my /etc/hosts.allow.

Hope this helps,


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