SCSI Raw Device --- need help!!!

SCSI Raw Device --- need help!!!

Post by Jeff Chu » Fri, 30 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Can someone give me a quick guide to access scsi raw device under Linux?

Any example that I can use?

I'm on Linux 2.1.125 on Intel platform.



1. Help Needed: How can i write raw frames on ethernet device ?


I'm preparing a network analyzer and i'm able to read raw frames,
but it needs for some test and applications to write
on Ether level (like new protocol or strange ether address).
I'm looking for a way to write raw frames to the ethernet device,
i tried with the socket but i can send (of course)
only IP frames.
Any idea or help ?

Thanks in advance for anything
and Linux forever :)

Roberto Favaro

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