kerneld &

kerneld &

Post by Peter Jaecke » Thu, 16 May 1996 04:00:00

I installed 1.99.4 last night including kerneld (which is a great
thing, I think). Yes, I used modules-1.3.69g.tar.gz. The first time I
booted it and had rc.S load kerneld, it barfed about not being able to
load A check showed that this library is in /usr/lib
which wasn't mounted on my system at the time. We want kerneld before
the general mount in rc.S (in case we mount filesystems that are
driven by modules). Thus, I decided to do:

cp -a /usr/lib/libgdbm* /lib
rm -f /usr/lib/libgdbm *
ldconfig -v

It works fine now. Perhaps the necessity of libgdbm residing on the
root filesystem could be mentioned in the README ?

Sorry if I wasted your time. Honestly.


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kerneld &

Post by Romano Giannet » Thu, 16 May 1996 04:00:00


>I installed 1.99.4 last night including kerneld (which is a great
>thing, I think). Yes, I used modules-1.3.69g.tar.gz.

[problem with libdbm etc]

I have modules 1.3.57 (accordingly to Documentation/Changes, it is all
right having it) and I do not see this problem. But I have a related
one: it seem that depmod -a needs nm (and I have /usr/bin/nm, so that
at boot it is not mounted). Can someone confirm, or I have a broken
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I have been upgrading an installation of Redhat 3.0.3 to the 1.99.9
kernel, upgrading the packages that are required according to the
/Documentation/Changes file.  I have also upgraded to the 1.3.69k
modules utilities with kerneld.  

Now when I try to boot with kerneld in my rc.sysinit file, I get the
following error "/sbin/kerneld Cannot load".  This file
does exist at /usr/lib/ as a symbolic link to  I
added a link from /lib/ just in case, but that didn't make
any difference.

I have:
* added support for modules
* compiled in support for kerneld
* tried both setting modules versions and not
* run ldconfig to relink the libraries

and nothing seems to be working.  Can anyone get kerneld to work?
Strangely, after I log in, I can start kerneld at the command line and
it works perfectly.


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