Kernel change summary 1.1.72 -> 1.1.73

Kernel change summary 1.1.72 -> 1.1.73

Post by Russell Nels » Mon, 16 Jan 1995 14:21:33

These changes are archived on  I cannot
answer questions about Linux -- I merely summarize the kernel patches.

Save a little more information about the processor type.
Someone works very hard to eliminate speling erors in the kernel.
Don't allow most ioctl's if the serial port isn't initialized.
Don't clear the IER if the serial port isn't initialized.
Don't try to block on the dialin port if the serial port isn't initialized.
Fix bug when linking onto and off of the tty_drivers list.
More changes to VESA power saving mode.
Selection code changed also.
Networking: 8390, SLIP, and SLHC drivers modularized.
Added recognition of DE101 (DEPCA)
fix multicast bug in DEPCA drivers.
Added check/snarf_region code to EWRK3 (Digital EtherWorks 3) driver.
SLIP code cleaned up.  TTY driver buffering reduced from 4096 to 256 bytes,
        improving SLIP response time.
SMC Ultra enables and disables memory as needed.
SCSI - always use sg_free, since we might have big buff.
Buslogic driver goes from version 1.13 to version 1.14.  Mostly code
        cleanups, but DMA improvements.  Now accepts parameters from
        lilo (buslogic=<portbase>).
More SCSI code cleanups in hosts.c
Qlogic driver goes from version 0.37 to version 0.38a.  It also works
        with loadable SCSI as a module.
SCSI block drivers try harder to avoid deadlock.
Also allow file memory mapping on executables.
Someone got nervous about waiting on a filesystem buffer when writing
        to the buffer, and commented it out.
If trying to get write access and an error occurred, write the inode out.
Kernel profiling added as /proc/profile.
Lots more info returned by /proc/cpuinfo.
When reading directory entries in the umsdos filesystem, round the
        number of bytes up to a word size (32 bits).
Some small alpha architecturefixes.
Sparc include files added.

Semantics of SO_LINGER aren't state moved to close when you look
        carefully. With this fixed and the accept bug fixed some RPC
        stuff seems happier.
More improvements to IP multicasting (e.g. always in group
SNMP reporting typo fixed.
Giant 15 minute/60 second timer error
Small whoops in selecting before an accept.
Kept the state trace facility since its handy for debugging.
More reset handler fixes.
Started rewriting the code based on the RFC's.  For other useful
        protocol references see: Comer, KA9Q NOS, and for a reference
        on the difference between specifications and how BSD works see
        the 4.4lite source.
Don't time wait on completion of tidy close.

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