Problem reading HPFS partition

Problem reading HPFS partition

Post by Sergey Aranovs » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Here is the problem.
Kernel 2.0.33, mounted HPFS partition.
I can't cd into some directories on it. Shell says
something like

cd: could not get current directories getwd() could not access parent

This drive is a little bit *. It was formatted and partially written
under localized version of OS/2 and some directories were written in NT/4 with
HPFS driver from NT/3.51. The data surely could be read and so recovered but
it is impossible now (for other reasons) to convert drive into FAT or ext2fs.

Could the problem be with localization? Some people reported problems
in accessing of directiories written with NT's pinball.sys in OS/2 (pinball
seems to ignore codepage)

Is there a fix? I seeked official patches by didn't found any.
Did anybody come across this problem or something similar?

I'll be grateful for any advice.


1. Is mounting HPFS-os/2 partition read/write now possible??

As of 1.3.24, no.  I'm working on it though........

(Got it about half done.  So far, I haven't released any code, because its
nowhere near functional yet.  But keep posted.....)


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