Linux Hardware Debugger

Linux Hardware Debugger

Post by Jeff Coope » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 00:34:24

I've been searching for a program that would allow a user, with sufficient
rights, i.e. root, to perform actions similar to those found in DOS
debug.exe.  These actions would include: dumping an area of memory,
editing memory, reading/writing I/O ports.

After much googling and few results, a co-worker pointed me to:

I'm writing up a post just so google will archive it and make it easier
for others to find this program.

The program reads from a file such as /dev/kmem, /dev/mem, /dev/port,
etc... and displays an area of memory/ports at a user defined update rate
in a user defined format.  The data displayed at a particular memory
location or I/O port can also be edited.

The interface does leave a bit to be desired, it's a curses spreadsheet
layout and you use the vi keys to move around the cells.

If anyone needs a tool that allows you to peak/poke at hardware registers,
I/O ports (even those above 0x3ff), memory under Linux this seems to fit
the bill.

Jeff Cooper
Senior Software Engineer
Logic Product Development