Error Compiling Kernel 1.2.13 on Slackeware 3.00

Error Compiling Kernel 1.2.13 on Slackeware 3.00

Post by Jared Mau » Thu, 23 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>My linux box is a slackware 3.00 and I am trying to rebuild the kernel.
>The configuration of the kernel includes: slip, ppp, ide, ipforwarding,
>etc.  When I tried to make the kernel using "make zImage", I got the
>following errors:

        Are you using the 1.2.13 source that came with slackware, or the
normal 1.2.13 build tree from a ftp site?  1.2.13 from the ftp sites doesn't
have ELF support in it, which slackware 3.0 is, hence making it hard to
compile the kernel as ELF.

        - Jared


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    I just installed the Linux slackware 3.0 (ELF) using Infomagic CD-ROM, and
found out I got a lot of CRC errors in using sz/rz under kermit-190(A5)
and kermit-189(A5). It invoke the sz/rz in /usr/bin from the
installation. Previously, I have use the sz/rz under kermit-189 without any
error. I notice a lot of drop in performance of sz/rz in the slackware 3.0
with kernel 1.2.13. I have enable the hardware flow control and all other
setting in the rc.serial as before using the same machine and modem.
Firts, I suspect kermit need to be upgrade, but after I done that, it still
didn't work. I have also try the ftp to download some large files
under ppp and it works well.

    I am wondering whether or not any persons have encounter similar problems?
If yes, could you tell me how to solve it?
Thanks a lot.

--- Jui-Ming Chang

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