Sockets and threads

Sockets and threads

Post by Tom Anderso » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know if UNIX_DOMAIN sockets have yet been implemented in Linux?
The last time I tried to port some code over it failed and after much
investigation I found that these were left out.

Also, I had read some time back that there was a group (who didn't want any
new help) that was working on implementing threads ( I beleive it was at the
kernel level, not just a library ) in Linux.  Is this available yet?


1. Sockets and threads, sockets and threads

I have an application that I'm writing that has (a) must run over a
network and (b) is expecting a fairly sizable number of simultaneous
connections (500 or so at a time).  Connections generally will live for a
long time.  What I have in mind is:

1.  Recieving data and handling accept() on a separate thread (using
pthreads), which also handles authentication.  Recieving locks the
specific socket being read, then unlocks it (using a mutex).

2.  Data being sent out comes from a number of other threads, which simply
pull the socket out of a set (std::map<unsigned long, Socket>, actually),
lock it, send, and unlock.

I have a few things I'd like to do.  First, a socket that's gone dead
(remote host pulled the network cable or something) can't block the thread
sending while it waits for a send failure.  Presumably this means using
non-blocking threads.  Second, what's the most sensible way to deal with
that many sockets at once as far as select()-a-like systems goes?  Vanilla
select()?  Poll?  Something more esoteric?

When all else fails, run.

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