fbcon and Fire GL1kPro

fbcon and Fire GL1kPro

Post by Jan-Frode Myklebu » Sun, 29 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Has anybody gotten the fbcon to work with a Diamond Fire GL1000 Pro? I've
been trying, and trying... but no penguins appear, and lilo woun't let me
enter any special modes except the ones I have without fbcon compiled in...

Help anyone?



1. kernel 2.4.18 endianness logical mistakes correction on fbcon-cfb2.c and fbcon-cfb4.c


2 small patchs to apply to:

drivers\video\fbcon-cf4.c o

This patchs correct the endianness logical of nibbletab, the first table is
u_char mades so no endian needed and the second swap correctly bytes in
LITTLE_ENDIAN. (old version swap half bytes instead of bytes).

 --- fbcon-cfb2.c.orig Fri May 24 10:24:17 2002


 static u_char nibbletab_cfb2[]={
-#if defined(__BIG_ENDIAN)
-#elif defined(__LITTLE_ENDIAN)
- 0x00,0xc0,0x30,0xf0,
- 0x0c,0xcc,0x3c,0xfc,
- 0x03,0xc3,0x33,0xf3,
- 0x0f,0xcf,0x3f,0xff
-#error FIXME: No endianness??

--- fbcon-cfb4.c.orig Fri May 24 10:24:27 2002

 #elif defined(__LITTLE_ENDIAN)
-    0x0000,0xf000,0x0f00,0xff00,
-    0x00f0,0xf0f0,0x0ff0,0xfff0,
-    0x000f,0xf00f,0x0f0f,0xff0f,
-    0x00ff,0xf0ff,0x0fff,0xffff
+    0x0000,0x0f00,0xf000,0xff00,
+    0x000f,0x0f0f,0xf00f,0xff0f,
+    0x00f0,0x0ff0,0xf0f0,0xfff0,
+    0x00ff,0x0fff,0xf0ff,0xffff
 #error FIXME: No endianness??

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