Help with WD 7193RTL PCI SCSI Adapter

Help with WD 7193RTL PCI SCSI Adapter

Post by Paul Beriswil » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I recently obtained a Western Digital Model 7193RTL PCI SCSI controller and
am as yet unable to get Linux (2.0.24) to recognize it.

I tried compiling in a variety of controllers ... some hang the Kernel
while the rest simply are not recognized.

Thanks in advance!


1. SCSI WD 7193RTL - will it work

            Recently I bought a Western Digital SCSI controller, the
7193RTL.  Unfortuneately I didn't check first to see if it was supported
by Linux.  I'm not sure if it is.  I haven't tried installing it yet.
Am I going to run into any surprises, like it doesn't work.    If so, is
there any way to make it work?



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