Status of Cyrix support in 2.2 kernels

Status of Cyrix support in 2.2 kernels

Post by Dale Ponti » Thu, 04 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I've heard that at least some of the Cyrix support has been backed
out of newer kernels. There doesn't seem to be a lot of mention of
Cyrix CPUs reading Kernel Traffic. Is there anyplace that covers
Cyrix status more carefully? The Cyrix-Linux site picked out by
google is rather old.

Does anyone know the status, or if/when set6x86 will be needed,
again. My system doesn't overheat running Linux 2.2.12, but OS/2
consistently overheats even with set6x86. I know the correct fix
is better cooling but I want the power*ed, not just hidden.

Dale Pontius
DEPontius AT usa DOT net


1. Kernel 2.2 and Cyrix processors

I've seen indications of problems with Kernel 2.2 running on Cyrix
processors. One post even had someone trying to compile 2.2 for
386, (not 486,++) and still being unable to get the thing to run.
I've read other things about some Cyrix stuff 'being left behind'.

So what's the scoop on Kernel 2.2 and Cyrix? Does it really work,
and the one report just local problems? Were Cyrix fixes dropped
somewhere, and have they been picked back up?

Or, since I have an OLD stepping of a Cyrix CPU, am I outta luck
for 2.2 until I upgrade my mobo later this year? I'd rather have
some outlook before going through the lengthy download and rather
not lose hair if this is doomed to failure.

Dale Pontius
(NOT speaking for IBM)

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