real time SMP

real time SMP

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I wanted to know how the below mentd could be handled on a real-time SMP system.

 - binding a process/thread to a specific CPU ?
 - restricting a CPU's ability to execute some processes ? ie dedicated
 - restricting a CPU from running at all
 - forcing a cpu to run _only_ one process (and its children)
 - getting information about a CPU's state
 - creating/destroying sets of processors, to which processes may be bound




1. Enhanced real time clock and Alpha UP2000 SMP


I realized that if I choose "Enhanced real time clock support" during
xconfig, the second CPU is not actually utilized on Alpha UP2000 SMP
according to xosview.

Has anyone observed this on other SMP motherboards?

I checked this with 2.2.14 and 2.2.15pre17.  It must be a bug in
drivers/char/rtc.c in the kernel.

Without the real time clock support, I am now using "rdate -s <clock
system>" to correct the year 2020 problem.    What function does
"enhanced real time clock support" provide other than true clock
of the system without the help of rdate?


G. Hugh Song


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