Crystal 423* sound driver problem with 2.0.35

Crystal 423* sound driver problem with 2.0.35

Post by Jan Andr » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I've got a mainboard with the Crystal 4238 chipset, and I think this
can be used with the Crystal 4232 kernel driver, can't it?
But I'm confused about the I/O addresses that the kernel driver wants
to have. Since it is a PnP card, it does not have any fixed addresses,
does it?
Of course I tried isapnp. pnpdump's output is too long to write it all
here, but I'll give a short summary: There are four sections in the
configuration part of the chipset:
One is called "WSS/SB". I think this means "Windoze Sound System/Sound
Blaster", and it works with the Sound Blaster kernel driver. However,
it can't use the duplex DMA function which I now need. All I/O add-
ress, IRQ and DMA settings can be done there.
One is called "GAME", which is surely the gameport. I won't need that.
One is called "CTRL". It contains only one I/O address defaulting to
0x120. I don't know at all what this is good for.
And, last not least, there is an "MPU" section, which also works fine
with the MPU401 kernel driver.

As said, the problem is that I need the duplex DMA function, which the
chipset seems not to provide in Sound Blaster mode. Oh, I remember,
there are also other problems: When playing MPEG files with mpg123,
I always have to downsample the sound to 22050 Hz. Otherwise (when
I use 44100 Hz), the sound will be played half the speed and half
the frequency it ought to be. And sound recording with "record" does
not work, the proggy always complains about wrong buffer size.

So where can I get the I/O address, IRQ and DMA settings from that I
must enter in the kernel configuration?

Any help would be appreciated -- I'm really desporated about that

Jan Andres

Ham radio: DH2JAN


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