trouble using gdb on Linux

trouble using gdb on Linux

Post by Zhihui Zhan » Sat, 10 May 2003 07:13:32


I am using remote gdb to trace Linux kernel function calls. However,
whenever I type "continue" to let the user program go ahead, it fails with
"Trace/breakpoint trap",which means ther user program cannot finish
normally after being stopped inside the kernel breakpoint.  Is there any
way to overcome this?

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1. Trouble with gdb&Linux using transitive linked shared libraries

Hello Everybody,

currently I am porting a huge Softwareproject to Linux, where we
excessively used shared libraries ( *.so ), and of course all the
kinds of transitive/
recursive dependencies in the software project.
That means executable A links against, which itself is linked
against and, they are again.... and so on.

After some trouble with ld, (-rpath <directory> additional to
-L<directory> as on other Unix systems), we finally got it running on
But still, I am facing a lot of troubles in Debugging this kind of
since (ddd/)gdb does wierd things with dynamic loading of those

A) gdb opens only locally (cwd) available libraries - ignoring

B) (The most serios problem) On running "A", gdb complains about
unresolved symbols of, which are defined in, which are
available by
proper runtime linking - and are running without gdb.

Who has some answers - faced the same problems - solutions etc. ?
I cannot develop software without having a proper debugger.

Currently we are using gcc 2.95.3 / gdb 5.0

Thanks in advance,


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