Abit Hotrod 66 Support.. Is there any ??????

Abit Hotrod 66 Support.. Is there any ??????

Post by Mark Shar » Mon, 06 Sep 1999 04:00:00



1. Abit HotRod 66 (HPT366): a suspect

Hello to everyone. After many attempts I'm thinking that there is some
"incompatibility" between these elements: Abit HotRod 66, Quantum
Fireball KA 13GB, Hedrick's patch. I tried many times to start my kernel
2.2.14 patched, but as happened to many people, everything locks after
the detection of the last drive. Currently, I'm booting from my
primary-master drive, so I didn't try to start linux from that device.
If I unplug my fireball the kernel boots OK (thus I can see and access
the other drive connected as slave on the primary channel of the hotrod,
a Fujitsu MPE 10gb, and everything is healthy).

I followed (almost... I think) every suggestion I found on the web; what
do you think about this? Reading here and there I found that many people
using fireball plus ka drives had the same problem.

Thanks. Mau

Maurizio Avogadro di Cerrione


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