Post by Eduardo Cuansin » Fri, 06 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone tried using CLAPACK in RH Linux (kernel 2.2.5)?  How were you
able to write the makefile?  I have already explicitly defined some
include files but the compiler still can not seem to see them...

Thanks in advance,


1. CLAPACK : Undefined reference to main__

I am trying to use the CLAPACK libraries from but simply
cannot get anything to compile.  No matter what I seem to do I
eventually get the error

Undefined refernce to main__

with varying gunk before it depending on exactly what I have done to
get the error.  I am pretty sure that there is nothing wrong with the
code I am trying to compile since it is the example code from in the FAQ

can anyone help me?  I am going nuts


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