USB Flash Drive with Additional an Additional Funtionality

USB Flash Drive with Additional an Additional Funtionality

Post by Sean R » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 19:59:10

Hello, I'm not sure if it is proper to ask this type of question in
this forum.
But if anyone can give help, he/she will be very much appreciated.

I've launched a new project developing a USB2.0 flash drive with
an additional functionality. Since an additional function needs to be
implemented, I think it is not possible to employ a customized USB
flash drive controller, such as Genesys GL814, Prolific PL-2515, SMSC
USB97C242, etc.

There may be two types of solutions. First, using a USB controller
which embeds programmable microcontroller. Cypress EZ-USB FX2 is
a good example. Second, finding out a customized USB controller
for flash drive which has programmble GPIOs to control an additional
circuit for the additional functionality that I've mentioned.

First solution is too expensive to me in terms of time and efforts,
since it requires me to implement a rather complex firmware to deal
with SCSI transparent subclass commands and flash memory control.
If there is a possibility, I would like to rely on the latter one.

I'm asking for your opinions, you experienced developers of USB
devices, whether it would be appropriate to resort to the first
solution. And if not, if there is another possibility which
guarantees relatively short development cycle.

If my question was inappropriate for this forum, I'd like to ask
for your pardoning once again.