Anyone know if Linux supports the IBM 6157 tape on PS/2-MCA?

Anyone know if Linux supports the IBM 6157 tape on PS/2-MCA?

Post by Bob Ke » Wed, 02 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know for sure if Linux on a PS/2 supports the IBM 6157
tape drive system (Cypher 1/4 inch streamer)?


Bob Keys


1. Anyone used an IBM 6157 Tape Drive?

Hi. I have a Tape drive (IBM 6157) that I managed to get off an old
RT that we have, and I am trying to get it to work with Linux. I only
have the interface card that was in the RT, which could be the start
of my problems.

According to various sources, the RT card does work in a 386 machine,
but the interrupt is different to a PC type card, so most software
does not recognise the card. Hey, that's no problem, I have the
source for the tape driver. I wish I knew what to do with it....

I don't really know anything about the tape drive (except that
it is a QIC type drive - and therefore should work if I can
interface it) or the I/O card. The card does not have jumpers
I can play with either...

I guess I could just get the PC card from IBM, but by the time
I pay for that, and then pay for some backup software for my
PC, it would be cheaper just to buy say a Colorado internal
drive, which would work out of the box etc etc.

Considering I got the IBM drive for free, it would be a shame
not to be able to use it. (I also got quite a few tapes.)

Anyone who has sucesfully got one of these drives to work
(with the same card as me - or without), I would like to hear
from you how you did it.

advaTHANXnce                    - Ben Kelley.

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