Post by Mark De Sil » Sat, 14 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Can sumone help me with a sample source code in C tat I can use to make my
modem call certain phone number? In unix C that is...



1. Serial Port/Internal Modem on Boot Up failure - Help No Modem!

I've a Boca Internal Modem which up till last friday worked under both
Windows 95 and Linux (2.0.29)
Atfer moving the motherborad to a new case at the weekend and
installing a new soundcard (sound blaster 32) the modem only now works
under windows95. At one point during rebuilding a boot failed and the
Bios defaults were loaded.
I've disabled COMM2 in the bios, to try an avoid a clash but tty00only
is found during boot up.

Help someone please.


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