HLA v1.40 is now available

HLA v1.40 is now available

Post by Randall Hyd » Sat, 30 Nov 2002 10:18:32

HLA v1.40 is now available on Webster.
The download page URL is
General HLA information is available on Webster at

HLA, the "High Level Assembler" is a compiler for an
80x86 assembly language that is specifically designed to
help make learning and using assembly language easier than
ever before.  HLA runs under both Windows and Linux
and generates 32-bit flat-model code.  Console applications
written in HLA are source code compatible between Windows
and Linux (i.e., all you need do is recompile your source code
and it will run on the 'other' OS).  This means that if you learn
assembly under one OS with HLA you automatically know
assembly under the other OS, saving time and effort for those
who would like to learn assembly under both OSes.

HLA is fully supported by several thousand pages of documentation
in both HTML and PDF form.  In addition to documentation for
the HLA language and standard library, the HLA documentation
package includes documentation for both Windows and Linux system
API calls.  Furthermore, the well-regarded text "The Art of Assembly
Language Programming" uses HLA for the 32-bit editions.  The upcoming
published edition of "The Art of Assembly" also uses HLA.

HLA is public domain and (therefore) totally free.
Source code for both the compiler and the HLA Standard
Library is available on Webster.

HLA v1.40 provides several defect corrections and minor
improvements over v1.39.  In addition to corrections, HLA v1.40
now includes header files for most of the Win32 APIs as part
of the standard distribution;  the same is true for the Linux API.

Also on Webster at
you will find new versions of several of the reknown Iczelion tutorials
converted to compile under HLA v1.40 (for those who want to
write Windows GUI apps in assembly language, this is a great place
to start).

Randy Hyde


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