CD-jukebox crashes machine

CD-jukebox crashes machine

Post by Christian Suness » Sun, 18 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I've had some bad expiriences using a cd-jukebox on a
multiuser linux system. This is the scenario:
One cd-jukebox is connected via SCSI and all of
it's discs are mounted.

If users simontaneusly read on more than one disc the
SCSI driver goes nuts and later the machine crashes.

Tested kernels are 1.3.68 and 2.0.10.

If someone wants more information about this, email me at

what function that messed up, and especially what scsi driver
thats used. I don't have this information right here because
I'm writing this on my friends behalf. He doesn't do usenet.

Since he wants all discs available for direct and easy use by
users, it would be nice to have 'em all mounted. But a disc
swap takes 10 seconds and thats to much. So can it be fixed that
if one of the discs are busy (a user is in a dir in that disc) all
other discs are unaccessible ?

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