Keyboard problems with gpm (Was: Linux console rectangular selection)

Keyboard problems with gpm (Was: Linux console rectangular selection)

Post by Ian T Zimmerm » Tue, 11 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> PS: In VGA text modes 132x60, 132x50 I can get console input lock if
> I press Ctrl-C when paste is going. I can switch consoles but can
> not input. 3..5 attempts is enougth. In lower modes all OK.  This is
> not related to followed patch. Clean 2.0.17 and clean 2.0.18 -- same
> behavior.

Hooray!  At last, somebody else mentions this problem!  I could
_never_ get gpm-root to work reliably; after a few menus with a
modifier key pressed, the keyboard locks up for a couple of minutes,
then spits out a bunch of kernel debug messages "Keyboard timed out".
I have a Hercules-compatible, not VGA, but I believe this is the same
problem Seryozha is seeing.  Had this from the beginning of time,
starting with 1.x kernels and pre-1.x gpm, now I'm at kernel 2.0.29
and gpm 1.10 and it's still there.  I've almost accepted that I had a
buggy keyboard and/or controller, but now after this post I think
again it _is_ a kernel problem and should be fixed.

Posted about it here once or twice, but response was underwhelming :-(


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