Let Linux teach you how to use it!

Let Linux teach you how to use it!

Post by Michael Haard » Thu, 02 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Ok, I cheated a little to get your attention, but it's just because the
project I am working on is not finished yet.  :)

Once upon a time, UNIX contained a program called learn.  It interpreted
a simple script language for writing interactive courses about how to
use various aspects of UNIX, e.g. the shell, file commands and C.

I have a specification of learn and already wrote a driver that works with
a subset of the script language.  The problem is, that the scripts have
not been published, so new scripts have to be written.

If you are interested to write learn scripts, then reply by email.  It
is probably a good idea to start with a course of basic commands to
manipulate files, a mixture of simple shell features and UNIX commands,
because that's what new users need to learn first.

I will post updates as this project continues.

         Looking for a UNIX admin/programmer around Bonn, Germany?
                          Just respond by email.


1. Let Linux teach you C!

Learn is an old UNIX command, but for some reason many modern Unices
lack it.  It interpretes scripts for computer aided instruction (CAI).
My implementation offers a subset of the original learn program.  It comes
with a few lessons on writing C programs that are based on K&R, and a
very few lessons on UNIX basics.

At this point, I could need some aid in testing the current implementation
as well as more scripts.  You can get the software from:



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