Kernel Panic (1.3.72) Reading Floppy

Kernel Panic (1.3.72) Reading Floppy

Post by John Hicki » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I guess I'm too used to 3 letter operating systems at home because I switched
a read/write floppy for a write-protected floppy without unmounting and
remounting (sily me!).

When I tried to write the protected floppy the kernel panicked.  Is this a
known problem?

John Hickin      Nortel Technology, Montreal, Quebec


1. PPP under the 1.3.72 kernel - what do I need?

Greetings.  After a long hiatus, I've started using Linux again.  I
installed it on my Toshiba laptop computer, and am loving it.

Unfortunately, I can't get PPP to work, because I can't find the
proper version of the pppd daemon that will work with the 1.3.72
kernel I have to run.

I need to run AT LEAST 1.3.72 because I need the support built-in to
it for my PCMCIA IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drive.

I found pppd package version 2.2.0f (I believe) on sunsite, but it did
not compile -- it seemed to want to install ppp drivers into the
kernel that are OLDER than the ones already there(?)

If anyone can direct me to a version of pppd that will work with the
1.3.72+ kernels (i.e. that supports dynamic channel allocation and all
that jazz), or can send me a binary (I run ELF, but have the old a.out
support for backards compatibility) I would be very much appreciative.

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