[RFCA] Sound: adding /proc/driver/{vendor}/{dev_pci}/ac97 entry for es1371 driver

[RFCA] Sound: adding /proc/driver/{vendor}/{dev_pci}/ac97 entry for es1371 driver

Post by Tommy Reynold » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 01:10:19

Quote:> Doubts:
> 1) This adds something like: /proc/driver/es1371/00:03.00/ac97 I took the
> idea from emu10k1.c module. My doubt is about the `:' it looks wrong in a
> file name, specially when that's usually used to separate file names/paths.
> Should we pass it by a small routine that converts : into something like _?

I wouldn't change it.  In fact, Linux allows _any_ character except a NULL in a
filename, although POSIX doesn't.  (Well, I wouldn't use a '/' in a filename
even if I escaped it out the wazoo!)

Quote:> 2) I used a buffer of fixed length as in other modules, but I don't feel
> really good doing it. What solutions are recommended? (if any)

The kernel stack is really small and doesn't grow, so a buffer allocated on the
stack could cause "load-dependent instability".  Using a "vmalloc" and a "vfree"
is fast, cheap and easy.

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