Kernel 2.4.[23] kernel panic, DMA Pool, Mounting

Kernel 2.4.[23] kernel panic, DMA Pool, Mounting

Post by Roman Fietz » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 04:40:05


I could not find anything similar in the news, using google or any other
documentation, therefore teh mail.

[1.] One line summary of the problem:    

Kernel Panic and mount problems since 2.4.2, machine works and worked
properly with kernels < 2.4.2 and 2.2.x

[2.] Full description of the problem/report:

When I do a

        mount /dev/scd0 /mnt

I get

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/scd0,
       or too many mounted file systems

or repeating the mount command I sometimes get:

/dev/scd0: Input/output error

When continuing to work on the box after a short time I get

kernel: Kernel panic: DMA pool exhausted

[3.] Keywords (i.e., modules, networking, kernel):

kernel panic mount DMA pool

[4.] Kernel version (from /proc/version):

Linux version 2.4.3 (root@rfhome) (gcc version 2.95.2 19991024
(release)) #1 Mon Apr 2 21:20:59 MEST 2001

[5.] Output of Oops.. message (if applicable) with symbolic information
     resolved (see Documentation/oops-tracing.txt)

sorry, no info

[6.] A small shell script or example program which triggers the
     problem (if possible)

see [2.]

[7.] Environment
[7.1.] Software (add the output of the ver_linux script here)


-- Versions installed: (if some fields are empty or looks
-- unusual then possibly you have very old versions)
Linux rfhome 2.4.3 #1 Mon Apr 2 21:20:59 MEST 2001 i586 unknown
Kernel modules         found
Gnu C                  2.95.2
Linux C Library        ..
ldd: missing file arguments
Try `ldd --help' for more information.
ls: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
Procps                 2.0.6
Mount                  2.10m
Net-tools              (2000-05-21)
Kbd                    0.99
Sh-utils               2.0
Sh-utils               Parker.
Sh-utils               Inc.
Sh-utils               NO
Sh-utils               PURPOSE.

my own script testing for versions of tools listed in

Gnu C      required: 2.91.66    found: 2.95.2
Gnu make   required:    3.77    found: GNU Make version 3.79.1
binutils   required: found: GNU ld version 2.9.5
                                         (with BFD
util-linux required:   2.10o    found: fdformat from
modutils   required:   2.4.2    found: insmod version 2.4.5
e2fsprogs  required:    1.19    found: tune2fs 1.18, 11-Nov-1999
                                        for EXT2 FS 0.5b, 95/08/09
pcmcia-cs  required:  3.1.21    found: listlinuxversions: cardmgr: command not found
PPP        required:   2.4.0    found: pppd version 2.4.1
isdn4k-utils required: 3.1pre1  found: listlinuxversions: isdnctrl: command not found

I know e2fsprogs and util-linux are not completely up to date. Sorry if
this is the complete problem. But at work at least two boxes work with
this setup w/o any problem.

[7.2.] Processor information (from /proc/cpuinfo):

processor       : 0
vendor_id       : AuthenticAMD
cpu family      : 5
model           : 8
model name      : AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor
stepping        : 12
cpu MHz         : 350.809
cache size      : 64 KB
fdiv_bug        : no
hlt_bug         : no
f00f_bug        : no
coma_bug        : no
fpu             : yes
fpu_exception   : yes
cpuid level     : 1
wp              : yes
flags           : fpu vme de pse tsc msr mce cx8 pge mmx syscall 3dnow
bogomips        : 699.59

[7.3.] Module information (from /proc/modules):


[7.4.] Loaded driver and hardware information (/proc/ioports, /proc/iomem)

0000-001f : dma1
0020-003f : pic1
0040-005f : timer
0060-006f : keyboard
0080-008f : dma page reg
00a0-00bf : pic2
00c0-00df : dma2
00f0-00ff : fpu
0170-017f : PCI device 10b9:5229
01f0-01ff : PCI device 10b9:5229
02f8-02ff : serial(auto)
0330-0333 : aha1542
0376-0376 : PCI device 10b9:5229
03c0-03df : vga+
03f6-03f6 : PCI device 10b9:5229
03f8-03ff : serial(auto)
0cf8-0cff : PCI conf1
5c20-5c3f : PCI device 10b9:7101
b000-b00f : PCI device 10b9:5229
b400-b43f : PCI device 10b7:9050
  b400-b43f : eth0
b800-b8ff : PCI device 1000:0001
  b800-b87f : sym53c8xx
d000-dfff : PCI Bus #01
  d800-d8ff : PCI device 1002:4742

[7.5.] PCI information ('lspci -vvv' as root)

not installed, the distro contains 2.1.8-17

[7.6.] SCSI information (from /proc/scsi/scsi)

Attached devices:
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
  Vendor: FUJITSU  Model: M2624F-512       Rev: 0405
  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 01 Lun: 00
  Vendor: TEAC     Model: CD-ROM CD-56S    Rev: 1.0D
  Type:   CD-ROM                           ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 02 Lun: 00
  Vendor: SANKYO   Model: CP525            Rev: 5.13
  Type:   Sequential-Access                ANSI SCSI revision: 01
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 03 Lun: 00
  Vendor: NEC      Model: CD-ROM DRIVE:222 Rev: 3.1k
  Type:   CD-ROM                           ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 05 Lun: 00
  Vendor: HP       Model: C4324/C4325      Rev: 1.26
  Type:   CD-ROM                           ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 06 Lun: 00
  Vendor: EXABYTE  Model: EXB-8200         Rev: 251K
  Type:   Sequential-Access                ANSI SCSI revision: 01
Host: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 03 Lun: 00
  Vendor: SEAGATE  Model: ST41600N SUN1.3G Rev: 0040
  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 04 Lun: 00
  Vendor: SEAGATE  Model: ST41600N SUN1.3G Rev: 0040
  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Host: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 05 Lun: 00
  Vendor: MAXTOR   Model: LXT-213S SUN0207 Rev: 4.24
  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI SCSI revision: 01 CCS
Host: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 06 Lun: 00
  Vendor: MAXTOR   Model: 7120SCS          Rev: 3235
  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI SCSI revision: 01 CCS

[7.7.] Other information that might be relevant to the problem
       (please look in /proc and include all information that you
       think to be relevant):

System works and worked w/o any flaws since months with kernels <
2.4.2. Reverting e.g. to 2.4.0 is absolutely fine. 2.4.3 was configured
using .config from 2.4.0 and running make oldconfig (as always), always
selecting the default. No device filesystem used.

[X.] Other notes, patches, fixes, workarounds:

Sorry. Tried different methods, but it always crashed. I do not know if
the mount (isofs is module) command causes the trouble, but testing it
once more is risky, because I already lost a few files on root fs because
of the panic/crash.


Roman Fietze
Short is beautiful, esp. signatures

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1. Kernel panic mounting ATAPI CD-RW in 2.4.x on Epox/Via motherboard

I've posted this elsewhere but got no responses, and wonder if any of
you kernel experts could help...

I installed Mandrake 8.1 on my system that uses an Athlon 1000 in an
Epox 8KTA3 mobo, which uses the VIA KT133A / 686B chipset.  It also
has an Acer 4432 ATAPI CD-RW on /hdc and an old Toshiba 4x CDROM on
/hdd.  Kernel was 2.4.8-mdk.

The CD-RW was set up with SCSI emulation, so there was no /dev/hdc
(couldn't even ls it); there was instead /dev/scd0.  When I tried to
mount the CD-RW, it sat about 20 seconds and then kernel panic
occured.  Something about kapm-idled. But I don't really understand
how to read these messages.

Others have told me that VIA chips are buggy.  I haven't seen any
VIA-specific changes in the kernels up to 2.4.13 though.  I went to and saw a lot of talk about problems with sound cards,
but I'm using only motherboard built-in sound (SB emulation) which
works fine. And the system is very stable in Windows 98.  I didn't
notice problems in  Red Hat 7.1, and only used Mandrake 8.0 for a
short time before switching to Red Hat, in part because it couldn't
play music CDs.  (Well, Red Hat turned out not to be great at it
either, so that IDE chain is a bit suspicious.) Finally, I upgraded
the BIOS, which viahardware suggested helps.  No difference.  BTW the
Acer CD-RW's firmware is also uprevved to the latest level, not

Wondering if this was a Mandrake-specific problem, I reformatted and
installed Red Hat 7.2.  This uses kernel 2.4.7.  Alas same problem.
So it really seems to be in the 2.4 series kernel.  Maybe the Acer
CD-RW is a bit odd, or not compatible with the way the kernel's VIA
drivers work.

Nothing's visible in KDE but when I try to mount it from console mode,
I can at least see the last 24 lines of the kernel panic.  Here's what
it looked like under Mandrake, mostly, from hand-transcription, with
some ellipses of my own:

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address a6b40767
 printing eip:
Oops: 0002
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<c884d323>]
E flags: 00010002
... a bunch of registers I didn't get...
process kapm-idled (pid:4, startpage = c1253000)
stack: ...
call trace: ...
code: c7 80 7c 01 00 00 00 00 07 00 8b 3e 24 85 ff 0f 84 68 01 00
<0>Kernel panic:  Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
In interrupt handler - not syncing

Now I'm not a kernel guru or anything, just trying to be a user, but
it does seem to involve interrupts, and I don't know what kapm-idled
is. Does all of this mean anything to anyone reading it?  Any ideas
that might let me run Linux on this system?  Thanks!

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