conexant modem

conexant modem

Post by Tim Ti » Thu, 15 Mar 2001 07:00:07

i have Conexant HCF v90 usb modem
but can't install
if possible help me to install it

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1. ADSL PCI Conexant modem

I have a dabs value conexant pci, and I would like to get this working
under linux. SuSE 8.0 detects it and makes it eth0. From then on I am
at something of a loss. In the DSL config part of yast2, there is a
box in which I should put in the ethernet adapter if I'm using PPPoE
or VCI/VPI for PPPoA. It just so happens I need both of those
properties in - but maybe I should delve deeper into what that's meant
to be configuring.

Is it possible that SuSE has set it up as a virtual PPPoE? Or could it
have misdetected it as a network card? All that's in the suse hardware
database matching conexant is a few winmodems.

Should I assign eth0 an IP?

Any answers/ideas would be greatly appreciated,

Patrick Grant

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