2.5.43 IDE not powered down on shutdown

2.5.43 IDE not powered down on shutdown

Post by jbradf.. » Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:30:14

2.5.43 doesn't power down IDE devices on shutdown on my 486 laptop.
2.5.42 did.

However, the disk squeeks on shutdown, which I am positive is due to
it being sent a spin down command, followed immediately by a spin-up command.

I think this might be a result of the discussion about not powering
down devices over a re-boot, as I think Slackware uses slightly
different options to halt on a shutdown than is usual, (but I could be

I haven't had time to try 2.5.43 on other machines yet, but I will do
later on today.

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1. 2.5.43 and the VIA vt8233 IDE controller.

I am suspecting something is amist with the via controller code in
2.5.43, because my promise controller goes through the same routines
just fine.  I started to try to back trace everything to hunt down the
culperate myself, but alas, I couldn't find the cause.  So if anyone can
give me a hand here, I would be very grateful.  What follows is the
bottom snippet of kernel output.  If you require anything further, let
me know I will send it.


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