opl3sa2 sound driver and mixers

opl3sa2 sound driver and mixers

Post by Scott Murra » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:50:08

> > Please read Documentation/sound/OPL3-SA2 (the two mixers are intentional,
> > some channels are available only on the MSS mixer, others only on the
> > OPL3-SA2), and don't break the driver! Since the latest DMA fix finally
> > everything works fine on my Portege 3010 (which is exactly the same as the
> > 3020 except for a slower CPU and smaller disk).

> Thanks for warning me and saving me the effort of decoding it all

I've found myself too busy at work over the last while to really look into
any issues with this driver.  Anyone keen on taking over as maintainer?


Scott Murray
SOMA Networks, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

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1. OPL3SA2 ISA PnP Sound Card

If the answer to this question is to rtfm then please tell me which fm I
should be reading -- I've read all the ones I can find.

I've done a pnpdump, edited the output and then run it through isapnp.  When
I then do an insmod io=n mss_io=n irq=n dma=n dma2=n, substituting the
appropriate values from the isapnp file I get an error saying something
like: module_init: device or resource busy.  I've checked all the resources
and none of them seem to be in use according to /proc.  What would it mean
for the device to be busy, and how would I check that?

One thing that puzzles me is that the pnpdump output includes 5 ioport base
addresses, whereas the opl3sa2 module only requires you to specify 2.  What
I am doing is selecting the first set of settings from pnpdump (which
correspond to the settings I am using under a certain other OS) for isapnp.
Then I am using the default ioports from menuconfig (if I were to have
compiled the driver into the kernel -- which I haven't) to use with insmod.
These two ioports from menuconfig correspond to the second and fifth ioports
in the pnpdump.  Am I doing this wrong?  Does any of this make sense?

I'd love to get productive with Linux, but this is really getting in my way.
Can anyone help?


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