XFS and Quotas and Q_SYNC

XFS and Quotas and Q_SYNC

Post by Jan Kar » Tue, 25 Mar 2003 17:20:14


  so I created the patch which adds possibility to sync all devices at
once to quotactl(2) interface.  Please test it and let me know so I can
send the patch to Linus. The attached patch is against 2.5.64. The
version for 2.4.20 kernel can be found at
(it's actually complete set of my patches containing also the change).


> >>>1) quotactl(Q_SYNC, NULL) is supposed to sync all quotas.  This fails.
> >>>The manpage still documents it.  Is this still valid?  I think it needs
> >>>to be..

> >  It should work... I'll have a look at it. For XFS and other fses it might
> >noop but it shouldn't fail.

> Right, it should just loop and noop where needed.  Maybe something like:

>         spin_lock(&sb_lock);
>         list_for_each(p, &super_blocks) {
>                 sb = sb_entry(p);
>                 if (sb->s_qcop->quota_sync)
>                         sb->s_qcop->quota_sync(sb, type);
>                 }
>         spin_unlock(&sb_lock);
>         return 0;

> I appreciate you looking into this one.

> >>I believe the fundamental changes to the API were made to support
> >>32 bit uid's/gid's in the VFS quota implementation and changes to
> >>the ondisk quota file format.  Its my belief that the new versions
> >>of the tools could work with either new or old kernels, best check
> >>with Jan on that one (nothing to do with XFS).

> >  Right. And to the binary compatibility: Linux is not supposed to
> >maintain binary compatibily between major kernel releases (eg.
> >2.2->2.4) and quota changes were accepted in 2.5.

> OK, but what of the 2.4 backport?  Adding XFS to a 2.4.x kernel breaks
> binary compatibility.  It seems to me that gratuitously changing values
> so as to gurantee broken compatibility is inane.

> I guess I'll have to deal with this aspect of it.  If Q_SYNC for NULL
> works, then I can get working systems back with a recompile and new
> headers.  Uggh.  Not nice to do to me in an update of a backport.

> thanks for the info.

> Tim
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> Tim Hockin
> Systems Software Engineer
> Sun Microsystems, Linux Kernel Engineering

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