Linux-2.4.6-ac5 + via/ES1371

Linux-2.4.6-ac5 + via/ES1371

Post by Gav » Wed, 18 Jul 2001 02:30:11

*        So far so good, but still treat this one with care. We now use the
*        official VIA workaround for the southbridge bugs. That should fix
*        the ES137x/SB PCI problems on VIA and some other stuff without
*        breaking the IDE corruption fix.

I have an abit KT7-a-raid motherboard that uses the VIA KT133A/686B and
HPT370 chipset, this new VIA workaround still doesn't help my Ensoniq 5880
AudioPCI (es1371) produce clear sound, just crackle and pop still, like its
been since the via fixes were introduced around 2.4.3.

I'm using abit's latest bios which added some more options.

from the readme...
"-Delay Transaction
-PCI master read
-PCI master time-out
Sets above options to Disabled/0 and may help SB Live 5.1 sound issue."

Which also didn't help.

Did this new fix resolve anyones via+es1371 problems? I've spent weeks
playing with bios/kernel options and searching for fixes, I would appreciate
any tips on sorting this, or any test patches.

This box currently has just an nvidia geforce2MX and the audioPCI (Creative
soundblaster) on the PCI bus.

-- Gav

System going down at 5 this afternoon to install scheduler bug.
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