3c59x:command 0x3002 did not complete! Status=0xffff

3c59x:command 0x3002 did not complete! Status=0xffff

Post by Andrew Morto » Wed, 31 Oct 2001 04:00:15

> Hi folks,

> Does anybody know what this message in kern.log means?

>         eth0: command 0x3002 did not complete! Status=0xffff

There's a function in the driver which issues reset commands to the
hardware and then spins, waiting for completion.  Usually it takes
a single PCI cycle.  In your case it timed out.

It look to me like the NIC is powered down.  Could you please
send me a bunch of info:

- Does the interface actually work after this message, or is
  it dead?

- If the latter, did you warmboot from another OS?

- Does it help if you add the line

        options 3c59x enable_wol=1

  to /etc/modules.conf?  (This is a misnomer - enable_wol
  enables the driver's power management functions).

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1. Cardbus problems (vendor 0xffff, device 0xffff)

I'm stuck with my Trendnet TEW-221PCI wireless lan card (Cardbus) not
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I have searched everywhere and I am not able to find any solution.

Here is what I get in dmesg:
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lspci says that the card's vendor is unknown.

cardctl status:
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cardctl ident:
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