problems with permedia framebuffer

problems with permedia framebuffer

Post by Paul W. Elsinghors » Mon, 08 Apr 2002 21:39:55

hi everybody,

when running the permedia framebuffer with my "ELSA Winner 2000 Office" i
encounter the following 'problems'. they are not vital to my system, but
they keep bugging me.

1. on system boot when switching from standard to framebuffer the
temporarily blank screen is not black but white. tux in the upper left is
still on black background and the upcoming log too. but there remains a
white bar right beside tux. how do i fix this?

2. when using framebuffer there seems to be a connection to my soundcard.
whatever i am doing you can sort of hear the lines beeing printed an my
screen. for example doing a directory listing. how can i stop this?

hope to get some help from you,



1. Probleme mit 3DLabs Permedia 2v (onboard) / Problems with 3DLabs Permedia 2v (onboard)


Auf Arbeit nutze ich eine DIGITAL Workstation mit onboard 3DLabs
Permedia 2v Grafikchip. Leider bekomme ich unter X11 Version 4 (KDE
2.xx, SuSE 7.2 bzw. 7.3)  bei Verwendung des glint-Treibers mie 16bit
und 1280x1024 Streifen und falsche Farbmuster an den Titel- und
Menleisten sowie an den Scrollbalken. Gibt es generelle Probleme mit
onboard Grafikcontrollern dieses Typs? Was kann ich tun?

Mit freundlichen Gr?en
J?rg Emmelmann


At work I use a DIGITAL workstation with onboard 3DLabs Permedia 2v
Video controller. Unfortunately I get in X11 Version 4 (KDE 2.xx, SuSE
7.2 respective 7.3) when I use the glint driver with 16 bit and
1280x1024 stripes and false colour patterns at the titlebars menubards
and scrollbars. Are there general problems with onboard Video
controllers of this type? What can I do?

With kind reards
Joerg Emmelmann

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