Input on the Non-GPL Modules - legal nonsense

Input on the Non-GPL Modules - legal nonsense

Post by David Schwart » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 15:30:09

Quote:>I keep hearing this type of reasoning.  It flat-out doesn't work this way in
>the legal system.  This is similar to arguing that you didn't really stab
>someone if you threw the knife instead of holding it. ("But your honor, once
>the knife left my hand it really wasn't under my control...")

        What amazes me is that these legal arguments about the control programmers
have over their software, are coming from the free software community. If
Microsoft argued that anybody who wanted to write a program to link with
Windows system DLLs had to give them 2% of the profits, they'd be blasted by
the press, yet the free software community wants to argue that programmers
can't use their APIs if they don't have certain licensing terms?!

        The irony is killing me.


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1. Using GPL'd Linux drivers with non-GPL, binary-only kernel

First much kudos goes to Jamies V. modem work which sped up my V.34 devel
quite a lot.

companies who use complex kernel functions are supposed to GPL, it doesn't mean they
do, and lets not tread down that path,lest Andre see me, proprietary modules suck
everybody knows it, they just keep quiet,
dare it desturb them making money.

Linus says in the credits file his position, although such a position is supposed to be taken
from the majority of users and not a few kernel hackers.

Anyway, as im selling a no license version of my software for 13,000 I can hardly complain.

The best opinion on their legality comes from RMS, and although im not a zealot, he did
write the license, Trawl MARC for lawyers, GNU, and RMS and see if you can find it.

Thanks for your help by working on V.

Cheers, Deano.

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