Most stable 2.4 kernel

Most stable 2.4 kernel

Post by KetoglutaricAc » Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:11:29

I am looking for a very stable, standard, but up-to-date kernel (i.e.,
2.4, not 2.2). What would be the best one? 2.4.17 is the last one
release of the stable 2.4 series, are there any series problems with
it? Would it be worth it to go for a slightly older one, which might
be more stable? Are any of the 2.5's stable yet?
Thanks, Ketoglutaric Acid

1. Which is currently the most stable 2.4 kernel?


The UP server does the PPPoE, so that's OK. Has anyone
torture-tested any of the recent kernels? For
instance, I subsequently read a posting from Alan Cox
saying that 2.4.10 didn't survive overnight for him,
implying that he occasionally roasts penguins in some
kind of server-dungeon...


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