Kernel parameters affecting network performance/speed

Kernel parameters affecting network performance/speed

Post by Tomá? Sait » Sat, 01 Sep 2001 11:02:15

with the advent of high speed cable/ADSL links some alterations of
networking parameters are recommended (e.g.  In linux
there are several places where it is possible to alter these values:



ip link set eth1 txtqueuelen <xxx> mtu <xxx>
ip route replace 10.0.0/24 dev eth1 mtu <xxx> window <xxx>

Does anyone know which place is the best to adjust these parameters in linux
or is it necessary to alter them in all these places?  Alternatively, can
linux adjust them on-the-fly by itself automatically adapting the networking
stack to different conditions?  Also there may be some differences for
routers doing NAT/firewalling and stand-alone clients ...


1. SVRV kernel parameters affecting paging and swapping


I've been trying to do some memory configuration on our PYRAMID NILE SVR4

In particular,  I'm trying to get the pageout daemon to be a bit more  
pro-active.  At the moment,  we seem to get no swapping or paging until
free memory falls below about 10M (we have 1GB total) and then the system
stops paging once 30 MB free is achieved.

I'd like to configure the system to start paging much earlier - say 50MB.

I've been reading in "The Magic Garden" about kernel parameter which control
pagins such as minfree, desfree, etc.  However,  the only "tuneable"
is GPGSLO - which controls only the point at which swapper starts writing
whole processes to disk.

My questions are:

        Is it possible to set minfree, desfree?
        If not, do they default to some multiple of GPGSLO?
        Is there some other way to achieve what I want?



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