aiee, killing interrupt handler

aiee, killing interrupt handler

Post by Marius Flag » Fri, 03 May 2002 00:20:07

Hi there

I've been getting this error when I try installing Slackware8.0.

I'm using the bare.i-bootdisk and the color.gz-rootdisk

code: 89 37 83 c7 04 89 d0 25 ff ff 00 00 89 07 83 c7 04 01 d6 29
aiee, killing interrupt handler
kernel panic: attempted to kill the idle task!
in swapper task - not syncing

This is an AT&T Globalyst 730, class 3358:

Dual Intel Pentium 133MHz (HC only uses one CPU)
AUGUSTA Motherboard with VLSI 590 Chip Set
256KB, PB-SRAM L2 Cache
Integrated S3 Vision968, 4MB VRAM, True Color (32-bit), 1024 by 768,
100Hz Refresh Frequency
Integrated 16 bit stereo (Ensoniq Sound Scape 688)
Integrated AMD PCSCSI Fast SCSI-2 controller

I've tried disabling SCSI, COM and LPT in bios, but it still won't work.
Can you please help me out here?

This very same computer has been running RH6.2 for a period of time, so it
should be enough to run Linux.


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1. aiee, killed interrupt handler - kernel panic

I was trying out the IP_Masquerade in Linux and found this nifty "feature" that
locked up the system and dumped this cute little message on my screen...
EIP: 0010:00150039
EFLAGS: 00010202
eax:  00fca651  ebx: 0100bcd8  ecx: 00fca7f0  edx: 001ee668
esi:  00fca71c  edi: 00fca730  ebp: 00fca75c  esp: 001ecfa4
ds: 0018  es:  0018  fs:002b  gs:0018  ss:0018
Process swapper (pid:0  Process nr:0  Stack page = 001eb118)
stack  00fca75c  001fa99c  0100bcd8  00000002  001fa99c  00000000  001ecff8
00000006  0000002b  001fd2f5  001ed000  001fa99c  00000000  001fad9c  00fca71c
00fca75c  0590fcc6  00fca71c  00158452  512856c6  001fa99c  00fca75c  0014d83c
calltrace 0014d2f5  00158452  0014d83c  
code: 28 89 44 24 18 8b 4c 24 18 0f b6 49 01 89 4c 24 18 8b 74 24
Aiee, killed interrupt handler
kfree of non-kmalloced memory:  00 1e d1 10, next=00 fc a7 5c, order = 0
task[0] swapper killed: unable to recover
kernel panic, trying to free swapper memory space
In swapper task - not syncing
(sorry if the format is messed up: if only there were a print-screen that is as
stable as the VC code seems to be)

   I'm still trying to figure out if the kernel felt pain when that happened-
it certainly screamed Aiee and then refused to do anything except let me look
at all the other VC's.  I can also fairly well re-produce this: all I have to
do is ftp from another host on my net using the new ip_masquerade in the 1.3.9
kernel.  I can get connect to a host (say, tsx-11) but when I actually try to
'get' something my 'router' dies this horrid death.
  I understand there are people who can actually read that register dump and
glean something usefull - is there anyone willing to translate for me?
  also: I have heard rumor of a kernel mailing-list... where is it?  ,


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