Bad address problem while reading from hard disk(using sys_read).

Bad address problem while reading from hard disk(using sys_read).

Post by Davide Libenz » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 08:00:11

> Hi,
>     I developed a kernel module. Within that i am
> dynamically allocating memory(using kmalloc and
> vmalloc) for a buffer to read data. After that while
> trying to read into this buffer from the hard disk
> using sys_read i am getting an error. And the same
> error i am getting while writing into another buffer,
> which was allocated in the same way, using sys_write.
> The error number set is -14(EFAULT) i.e., Bad address.

>    Give me any idea to resolve the problem.

>   If anyone help me i am gretful to them.

All sys_* functions expect user space addresses and you passing a kernel
space one. You need something like :

        mm_segment_t oldfs;

        oldfs = get_fs();
        nread = sys_read(fd, buf, cnt);

(If you really want to do that)

- Davide

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