2.5.4[4,5] compile fix of net/rxrpc/main.c

2.5.4[4,5] compile fix of net/rxrpc/main.c

Post by Jan Mare » Sat, 02 Nov 2002 10:50:08


this patch fix the compile error in the net/rxrpc/main.c, which is
needed for AFS... (Compiler is 2.95.4).

Please apply...

Jan Marek
Ing. Jan Marek
University of South Bohemia
Academic Computer Centre
Phone: +420-38-7772080

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1. fix net/rxrpc/proc.c

A recent change in 2.5.69-bk from Yoshfuji broke compilation of rxrpc
code.  It erroneously adds an owner field to the rxrpc_proc_peers_ops
seq_operations.  Fix below.

Linux Security Modules     http://lsm.immunix.org     http://lsm.bkbits.net

===== net/rxrpc/proc.c 1.3 vs edited =====
--- 1.3/net/rxrpc/proc.c        Sat May 10 11:46:35 2003

 static int rxrpc_proc_peers_show(struct seq_file *m, void *v);

 static struct seq_operations rxrpc_proc_peers_ops = {
-       .owner  = THIS_MODULE,
        .start  = rxrpc_proc_peers_start,
        .next   = rxrpc_proc_peers_next,
        .stop   = rxrpc_proc_peers_stop,
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