2.4.20-rc1: oops in drivers/acpi/namespace/nswalk.c (with patch)

2.4.20-rc1: oops in drivers/acpi/namespace/nswalk.c (with patch)

Post by H. Peter Anvi » Fri, 08 Nov 2002 07:40:05

I have one machine which has been reliably oopsing in
drivers/acpi/namespace/nswalk.c -- this patch makes it work, but I have
no idea why.  Either way, I thought someone would probably want to look
at it.


[ nswalk.patch < 1K ]
--- drivers/acpi/namespace/nswalk.c~    Wed Oct 24 14:06:22 2001

        FUNCTION_ENTRY ();

+       if (!parent_node)
+               return NULL;    /* Uhm... */

        if (!child_node) {
                /* It's really the parent's _scope_ that we want */


1. 2.4.20-rc1: oops in drivers/acpi/namespace/nswalk.c (with pat ch)

Is this reproducible in 2.5.latest? If not, then it's fixed in the 2.4 ACPI
patch and is just awaiting merge.

Regards -- Andy
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