Fix flags definitions to be longs

1. lex complains: (Error) Definitions too long.

I just starting to add definitions to my lex file but it'll
only let me add a handful of definitions - I get the
following message after 30 definitions

        "ctm.l", line ...: (Error) Definitions too long

I'm using lex on what is supposed to be SunOS 4.1.3 (is on a
Solbourne -> Sun compatible).

At the top of my lex file I have the following table sizes - but
there doesn't seem to be one for definitions.

%e 3000
%p 25000
%n 3000
%k 1000
%a 100000
%o 120000

Any ideas?

Note - "use flex" is not really a solution as what I'm working on
technically has to be "portable" which for us means that ideally we
want the lex file lexable w/ whatever native lex is on a given platform.

Replies to me if possible...Thanks!

                -- Dave Spencer

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