ACPI IRQ routing (was [ACPI] ACPI source release updated (200 11205))

ACPI IRQ routing (was [ACPI] ACPI source release updated (200 11205))

Post by Grover, Andre » Wed, 12 Dec 2001 05:20:11

Hi Kai,

I also got ACPI IRQ routing working on a system over the weekend. Sounds
like yours is better, so great we'll adopt yours. Thanks for stepping up on

Quote:> I changed pci-irq.c to use the ACPI interrupt routing, and also added
> dynamic routing table support. The appended patch is a bit
> preliminary,
> but it works here, even for assigning irqs.
> Further comments/to do:
> o The ACPI PCI in general needs further cleanup and
> integration with the
>   normal PCI layer. I believe that should wait until the new device
>   infrastructure is in place, though. E.g., I think one can
>   get rid of the static table which is currently setup in acpi_pci.c.

<shrug>. Once we get it working, we can get it working right, and save the

Quote:> o I'm not exactly happy with the way ACPI does things currently, but I
>   didn't change it to keep the patch small. It uses multiple functions
>   to parse the IRQ resource descriptor into a linked list of
>   "acpi_resource" which I then again have to convert back into the
>   mask which was in the IRQ resource desriptor in the first place.
>   About the same holds for the other way, instead of just setting
>   up a five byte IRQ descriptor, I need to setup two "acpi_resource"
>   structs, calculate lengths, etc. which will eventually be
> converted to
>   just the five bytes. IMO the conversion routines are unnecessary
>   bloat...

Like I said above, I think it's too early to be optimizing this code. My
main concern was more about integrating ACPI into pci-irq.c in a readable
manner. It is pretty $PIR-specific (no surprise there). Anyways let me work
with your new code and I will be able to comment more.

Quote:> o Things need to be made dynamic, i.e. try ACPI and if it
> doesn't work,
>   fall back to the normal method. Also, a command line flag to disable
>   acpi irq routing is probably a good idea.

At this point, I'd think one to *enable* it would be better until the code
is tested more.

Regards -- Andy
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