2.5.63: Hang on reboot

2.5.63: Hang on reboot

Post by Dr. David Alan Gilber » Mon, 03 Mar 2003 17:00:14

  2.5.63 on Tyan S2460 motherboard (Dual Athlon MP, 760 chipset), discs on
both the internal controller and a promise TX100.

  If I'm in 2.4.18 and tell it to reboot, the BIOS does its stuff and
I land in grub and I can tell it to boot into 2.5.63 etc.

  If I'm in 2.5.63 and tell it to reboot, the BIOS seems to do all its
stuff, the Promise BIOS runs, and it gets to the point just before
GRUB would normally appear and then stops.

  I guess this is either the BIOS being unhappy or 2.5.63 leaving
some of the hardware in an unhappy state.


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1. 2.5.63 accesses below %esp (was: Re: ntfs OOPS (2.5.63))

Actually 0xfffffff4(%ebp) = %esp - 4.

It's very valid and personally think it's serious kernel wide issue. I
grepped recent linux-kernel oopses for this type of bug and seems to
be several hits, e.g. search for handling faults around EFLAGS.

The question is if we want to support the buggy 2.9[56] compilers or
not. I checked Red Hat 7.3 and the latest errata gcc fixes this issue,
the generated code is ok. But your complier didn't and probably many
more out there don't.

At least spinlock debugging triggers this bad code generation in the
widely used init_waitqueue_head() but quite probably there are others.
AFAIK fomit-frame-pointer was used earlier to workaround this but
apparently not anymore, so the bug came back. Maybe the new kernel
build broke it or it was just forgotten or it's a new policy not
supporting broken compilers, etc. I don't know.

But something should be done about it, IMHO.


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