2.4.[5 - 6pre5] boomerang_start_xmit -> kernel panic

2.4.[5 - 6pre5] boomerang_start_xmit -> kernel panic

Post by Steven Walte » Tue, 26 Jun 2001 05:20:09

I too have been experiencing this on a gateway for a DSL modem.  The
backtrace is almost exactly the same.  On this machine, the bug results
in an "Aieee:  Killing Interrupt Handler".  I have to manually copy the
oops, and as such I copied only the backtrace, and parts of it may be
incorrect.  I've attached it anyway, just in case it helps someone.

I would really like to see this fixed, and so am willing to help
diagnose and test any patches.

> Hi,

> I've been repeatedly experiencing the same kernel panic. It happens on a
> computer that acts as an isdn internet gateway for my home network. Two other
> computers, that have the same kernel and NICs but don't do ip-forwarding have
> not crashed so far.

> * NIC: 3com 3c905B-TX (PCI)
> * ISDN: Teles 16.3 (ISA)

> The calling stack always looked pretty much the same (see Attachment).
> The panic occurs, when multiple internet connections are in use.

> Regards,
> Matthias

> PS: Please put into CC, as I am not subscribed to the list.
> I've skimmed over the last two weeks of the archive, but did not find
> anything that looked similar to me.

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