move sg_dma_ macros out of asm-i386/pci.h

move sg_dma_ macros out of asm-i386/pci.h

Post by James Bottomle » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 06:10:11

These macros belong in asm-i386/scatterlist.h instead.

As the headers are disentangled this has shown up as a problem with my
MCA SCSI drivers since they no-longer include asm/pci.h in any form but
need to traverse the scatterlist.


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1. highmem pci dma mapping does not work, missing cast in asm-i386/pci.h

Hello all,

There's a missing cast in pci_map_page that causes 64 bit capable
drivers to access the wrong memory for highmem pages.  Please
include the patch below to fix it.

"You will be reincarnated as a toad; and you will be much happier."

:r ~/patches/v2.4/v2.4.19-pre10-pci_highmem.diff
diff -urN v2.4.19-pre10/include/asm-i386/pci.h pci-v2.4.19-pre10/include/asm-i386/pci.h
--- v2.4.19-pre10/include/asm-i386/pci.h        Thu Jun  6 20:10:08 2002

        if (direction == PCI_DMA_NONE)

-       return (page - mem_map) * PAGE_SIZE + offset;
+       return (dma_addr_t)(page - mem_map) * PAGE_SIZE + offset;

 static inline void pci_unmap_page(struct pci_dev *hwdev, dma_addr_t dma_address,
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