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I'm in the middle of some interesting conversation at work WRT ext2's
fitness for 'production' use.

The crux of my question, if anyone out there is familiar with the SpecSFS
benchmark, is whether or not ext2 can be benchmarked under an nfs mount
exported with the 'sync' option.

If not, do the O_SYNC patches qualify ext2 for the level of syncronous
writes that SpecSFS requires?



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1. EXT2 TOOLS: Read ext2 files from DOS

The ext2 tools are a set of DOS programs that enable you to read
a Linux ext2 file system under DOS.

The ext2 tools consist of the following programs:

   E2CAT     analogous to the Linux cat command
   E2CD      analogous to the Linux cd command
   E2CP      analogous to the Linux cp command
   E2LS      analogous to the Linux ls command
   E2PART    lists hard disk partitions
   E2PWD     analogous to the Linux pwd command

The programs are distributed in both binary and source code form.

They can be accessed by anonymous FTP from:

Site:  login.dknet.dk
File:  /pub/ct/ext2tool.zip

Claus Tondering
Lyngby, Denmark


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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