eepro100 security fix [was: Re: MII access]

eepro100 security fix [was: Re: MII access]

Post by Andrey Savochki » Mon, 11 Jun 2001 11:20:08


Please apply the attached patch.
It fixes a security problem of user-controlled access to the card ports from
a non-privileged ioctl which should have read-only semantics.

Best regards

> > > With clearer mind, I have to make some a correction to one of the previous
> > > messages: the problem of not checking arguments range does not apply to
> > > 3c59x which has in the ioctl function '& 0x1f' for both transceiver number
> > > and register number. However, eepro100 and tulip don't do that. (I'm
> > > checking now with 2.4.3 from Mandrake 8, but I don't think that there were
> > > recent changes in these areas).

> > half right -- tulip does this for the phy id but not the MII register
> > number.  I'll fix that up.  Please bug Andrey about fixing up
> > eepro100...

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