fix pcmcia qlogicfas build in 2.5

fix pcmcia qlogicfas build in 2.5

Post by Bret » Mon, 18 Nov 2002 05:40:05


Alan's recent driver update of the qlogicfas scsi card broke the pcmcia
version.  This patch fixes it.


        / Brett Pemberton

--- drivers/scsi/pcmcia/qlogic_stub.c.old       2002-11-17 14:02:54.000000000 +1100

 #include <../drivers/scsi/qlogicfas.h>

-#define qlogic_reset(h) qlogicfas_reset(h, 0)
+#define qlogic_reset(h) qlogicfas_bus_reset(h)

 #include <pcmcia/version.h>
 #include <pcmcia/cs_types.h>

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1. 2.5 scsi changes : qlogicfas.c fixed


Once again, thanks to people messing with the scsi layer, I'm forced to
attempt to fix this driver, which it seems I'm the only one using :)

Like last time, I cannot confirm that this _works_ as my card is dodgy,
but I can confirm that it compiles, and performs exactly as is did before
the changes.

The changes seems simple enough.


        / Brett

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