2.5.70-mm3: ioctl32-cleanup-ppc64

2.5.70-mm3: ioctl32-cleanup-ppc64

Post by Andres Salomo » Mon, 02 Jun 2003 01:00:15

Hi Andrew,

Something I noticed missing from 2.5.70-mm3; sparc64 and x86_64 are
cleaned up, but ppc64 isn't.

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1. 2.5.70 and 2.5.70-mm3 hang on bootup

Both 2.5.70 and 2.5.70-mm3 hang right after "Ok, booting the kernel..." on
one of my test boxes (at the point, nothing works, not even turning on/off
the NumLock LED).

Hardware: ASUS A7S333, Athlon 2600+, 1 GB RAM
Compiler: gcc 3.3

Haven't had the time to debug this yet (and probably won't have the time
for a couple more days, busy with work ATM); any ideas?

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