"CAPI2.0 support" showing up two times

"CAPI2.0 support" showing up two times

Post by Sebastian Droeg » Thu, 25 Apr 2002 22:10:07

this simple patch removes one "tristate ...", because CAPI2.0 support was shown 2 times ;)
I think more explanation isn't necessary, or try CAPI2.0 support with menuconfig or xconfig without this patch


diff -Nur linux-2.5.10/drivers/isdn/capi/Config.in linux-2.5.10-2/drivers/isdn/capi/Config.in
--- linux-2.5.10/drivers/isdn/capi/Config.in    Wed Apr 24 09:15:13 2002

 # Config.in for the CAPI subsystem

-tristate           'CAPI2.0 support' CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI
 if [ "$CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI" != "n" ]; then
    bool            '  Verbose reason code reporting (kernel size +=7K)' CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_VERBOSE_REASON

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